Tour Schedule

Travel to the Edge of the World

Jun 16, 2017 Across the Top of Canada $9350USD Culinary, Cultural
Jun 19, 2017 Spain Creative $3995 USD Creative, Cultural
Sep 16, 2017 Italy Culinary Tour $2650 USD Culinary, Cultural
Sep 29, 2017 Kerala Yoga Tour $2495 USD Active, Cultural
Oct 14, 2017 Bhutan Yoga w/ Kat $3250USD Active, Cultural
Oct 23, 2017 Indian Ashram $1795 USD Active, Cultural
Oct 28, 2017 Mexico Photography $1995 USD Photography, Cultural
Nov 3, 2017 Myanmar Tour $2995USD Culinary, Cultural
Nov 11, 2017 Guatemala Photography $2225USD Photography, Cultural
Nov 13, 2017 Barre on the Beach $2085USD Active
Jan 5, 2018 Photography Tour India $3295USD Photography, Cultural
Feb 18, 2018 Surf Sister El Salvador $2475USD Active
Feb 23, 2018 Brazil Carnival $2295USD Active, Cultural
Apr 14, 2018 Flavours of Peru $5395USD Culinary, Cultural.
Custom Departures Peru Inca Trail $2295USD Active, Wildlife
Custom Departures Kerala Indulgence $2995 USD Cultural
Custom Departures Galapagos Island Hopping $2790USD Active, Wildlife
Custom Departures Peru Explorer $3395USD Cultural
Custom Departures E. Africa Safari $5795USD Nature, Wildlife.
Custom Departures Jordan $1995US Active, Cultural
Custom Departures Mysterious Guatemala $1595USD Cultural
Custom Departures India’s Vibrant Rajasthan $2790USD Active, Cultural
Custom Departures Antarctica $6995USD Wildlife
Custom Departures Cuba Explorer $2595USD Cultural
Custom Departures Tahiti & Bora Bora $3595USD Cultural
Custom Departures Argentina & Chile Wine Tour $4995USD Culinary, Cultural