Nicola Wilson

Nicola Wilson

Vancouver, BC


One trip to India with her dad in her first year at University and she was hooked. A bombardment of diverse cultures, foods, and smells coming at her all at once. After that, Nicola never missed an opportunity to tag along with travelling friends, or creating her own adventure. She completed Tourism Marketing Management at BCIT, and then spent several years working in the service industry to fund her journeys around the world.

For five years she worked as a travel agent and led incentive group trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Her hunger to continue experiencing diverse destinations is what led her to leave the travel agency and partner with Keri at Finisterra.

Nicola’s adventures have led her to every corner of the globe. She’s been to nearly 60 countries and has stepped foot on all 7 continents. Her adventures have involved many incredible experiences, including cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa, skydiving over the sand dunes in Namibia, bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, conquering the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, and journeying the Trans-Siberian Railway from St. Petersburg to Beijing, through Russia and Mongolia. Nicola is constantly adding ideas to her ever-growing bucket list, which seems to get bigger the more she travels. Though Nicola doesn’t have a favourite country, she’s particularly fond of Iceland, Guatemala, Thailand, Laos, Nepal, and Portugal.



I have just returned from a wonderful Painting tour in Italy. Keri was awesome to have with us to arrange excursions and every other detail under the sun. While Nicola assisted my friend (who missed the plane) get to Italy from Vancouver the very next day – not an easy task. Can’t say enough good things about Finisterra Travel. Thank you Keri.


If you are looking for a fabulously planned school trip, then Finisterra is the tour organization to use! Keri of Finisterra developed an amazing 13 day Biology field trip to Ecuador which included touring Quito, and exploring the Galápagos Islands and the Ecuadorian Amazon. As a group of 18 students and two teachers, we enjoyed her expertise, enthusiasm and outgoing personality. Accompanying us, she dealt with all aspects of the travel, our meals, and our accommodations – which left us entirely free to enjoy the many sights and activities. We saw and heard a myriad of fantastic animals, birds, insects and fish. We explored, trekked, snorkelled, biked, boated, climbed above the canopy, and visited the Sani Community. The organization of all aspects of the trip was superb and our school will certainly have Keri and Finisterra plan future Biology trips for our students!


I have been using Nicola for a number of years for both business and vacation travel. For vacation travel, we like to travel independently and Nicola has been invaluable (and very patient) in sorting out optimum routes, flights and finding the best deals. She is a seasoned traveler herself and has always has good advice. I highly recommend Nicola and Finisterra travel.