Keri Montgomery

Keri Montgomery

Nanaimo, BC


Keri became consumed by wanderlust during her childhood. She would close her eyes and spin her globe, hoping one day to visit the country her finger landed on when the spinning stopped. Her globe is still spinning and she is still dreaming of far-flung lands! From the time she could afford a plane ticket, she was off to explore what this beautiful planet has to offer.

Keri’s journeys over the past 20 years have taken her to 50+ countries on 6 continents. She has led tours to destinations from Reykjavik to Rapa Nui and hundreds of locations in-between. Her experience is vast and her enthusiasm is infectious which we think makes her a pretty great person to travel with. Some of her favourite destinations include: Peru, Cuba, Nicaragua, Turkey, Greece, Iceland, Chile, and many more!

Hunter-gatherer of moments. Fuelled by wanderlust. Ceviche lover.


If you are a teacher looking to take your kids on a trip, call Finisterra Travel. We just got back from a 10-day trip in Peru which included 5 days in the jungle, a visit to Machu Picchu, guided tours in the cities, and a bunch of delayed flights. Keri and Nicola from Finisterra handed it all beautifully. They are reliable, efficient, creative, and fun. The chaperones had very little to do! The kids had an enriching and fulfilling experience and we all were sad to say goodbye to Keri at the end of the trip. I cannot recommend this company more highly.


I have just returned from a wonderful Painting tour in Italy. Keri was awesome to have with us to arrange excursions and every other detail under the sun. While Nicola assisted my friend (who missed the plane) get to Italy from Vancouver the very next day – not an easy task. Can’t say enough good things about Finisterra Travel. Thank you Keri.


If you are looking for a fabulously planned school trip, then Finisterra is the tour organization to use! Keri of Finisterra developed an amazing 13 day Biology field trip to Ecuador which included touring Quito, and exploring the Galápagos Islands and the Ecuadorian Amazon. As a group of 18 students and two teachers, we enjoyed her expertise, enthusiasm and outgoing personality. Accompanying us, she dealt with all aspects of the travel, our meals, and our accommodations – which left us entirely free to enjoy the many sights and activities. We saw and heard a myriad of fantastic animals, birds, insects and fish. We explored, trekked, snorkelled, biked, boated, climbed above the canopy, and visited the Sani Community. The organization of all aspects of the trip was superb and our school will certainly have Keri and Finisterra plan future Biology trips for our students!